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If no applet appears, then you'll need to download a Java Virtual Machine from here to play Slime.

About this game
It's just Slime Volleyball, but the slimes are wearing NRL jerseys. Oh, and there are a heap of stats so you can see who is overusing the ball, who had the most aces, and so on!
KeysSpecial codes
Player 1
Left: A
Right: D
Jump: W
Change team: S

Player 2
Left: J
Right: L
Jump: I
Change team: K

Change team option only available in warm up mode.

Enter these codes in warm up mode.
NIGHT: night time slime on/off
SUPER: both super slimes on/off
TOAST: keys are backwards on/off
CLOCK: countdown clock on/off
WINDY: wind on/off
BUFFER: double buffering on/off
2MINS: two minute halves
3MINS: three minute halves
4MINS: four minute halves
5MINS: five minute halves

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